Thursday, February 19, 2009

"UNDER THE DOOR".......want to play?

Gracie from, Manx Mnews sent her cute mousie on an adventure, UNDER THE DOOR!
"Hello little mousie.......what.......Gracie(Manx Mnews) sent you, UNDER THE DOOR...are you OK? You look a bit dizzy. Don't worry I will take good care of I must pick a mousie to travel.....UNDER THE DOOR."
"Aw, big hugg...kiss....kiss"
"Bye my sweet mousie, don't worry, some nice kitty will be waiting on the other side of the door to take care of you."
Ty, "If you got my mousie, please take care of it! Then send one of your mousies under the door to someone might even get your own mousie back someday, YEAH! Let your furend know you got their mousie. Do you want to play, UNDER THE DOOR?"


The Island Cats said...

That looks like a fun game to play!

Country Cats said...

So did someone take your mousie? If not, we will! We didn't see a post that said they took it.

Country Cats said...

Oh and Rosie says thanks for all the kisses on her nose! They gave her sweet dreams :)