Monday, June 26, 2017

Guess what we have since Mom watches ( Chris and Eve, Turbo and Jette) on youtube.  These neat hammocks are called, cat cribs and we love them! They are comfy and we feel we are in safe hideaways. The ends attach around chair legs with velcro. Mom added a pad to keep them hair free even tho we do get furminated !  Check them out on Amazon...........naptime=^Y^=

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mommy says, she wishes she could divide herself up to get more done.........hmmmmm, weird!

Friday, May 5, 2017


It is very chilly, rainy and windy today so we are just having a lazy day. Mom was cleaning all morning, doing laundry and steaming the floors. Yesterday Mom & Dad went to the Mennonite shops to donate more things but she always finds a lil something special to bring home.
Mom wants to put small flowers from this summer's garden into it for the kitchen window sill.  We ARE coming back, we really missed our furends=^-^=  !

Friday, August 26, 2016

On July 4th, 2016, our sweet grammom went to heaven. She now is with pop pop, uncle Tim and her mom and dad plus all of our family furkids. We miss you Grammom.......on July 26th, 2016, sweet, gentle Teak also went on to heaven to be with grammom, Tang and all our furkids. We miss you lil Teak, bye brother......

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On the 22nd of March, 6:30am, our sweet Setzer became a fur angel.  He was on meds for a hyperthyroid about 5 years and was days away from turning 12. We miss his emerald eyes, soft fur and hearing his chirps. He was a stray in the neighborhood where my son used to live. He knew when to arrive to walk with my son to work and what time to pick him up. One very cold, freezing rain evening, there was scratching at the door that luckily my son heard because when he opened the door, poor kitty was covered with ice on his fur. He was taken in, dried off and fed. A few weeks later, Setzer took a 3 hour trip returning home with my son to live with all of us forever.

Till we meet again.....................................................................................................

Friday, October 3, 2014

                      On September 15th 6:38am my adorable Tang crossed the rainbow bridge.
                                                                                                                                                                    Forever in my heart.
I miss you baby. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014


This is Camp Cataway, Mommy bought it from Ross because her purrrspective, she thinks one of us needs a time out. She did add our hammick which we love and it makes our time out feel better. Then, with out a group vote, she decides to add a guard dog! Well, does she really think that over grown snoopy will scare us...((snicker)) Tiger, however does get jealous of Tinker when he is up on Mom's lap!
TyGr,"Hey, no telling tales, Setzer!....I had a good reason but I did bite his leg to hard and was sorry after I saw him limping.  Mommy forgave me after about a week and let me back on her lap after Tinker felt better and came back in with us. She said I would realize that things are better when we are all together. I agree Mom, I missed your lap!"
This is how our Grammom spent some of her Birthday.  She read her Birthday cards and had special Birthday cuppycakes........................
"Grammom was doing trips back and forth from the nursing home to here so she could finally return home for GOOD, ....however pneumonia went around the nursing home and our Grammom caught it. She is getting better but now our Dad has it...Mom keeps steaming the floors, spraying the knobs and has boxes of tissues all over the house! "
"Things have been crazy here since last August, when Grammom had to go to the hospital. We are soooo hopeful she still can come home for good. When Dad is better he will start helping Grammom exercise again, Mom can't for awhile since her bladder surgery in November. "
March 1st was our Angel Cherokee's earth Birthday.....We love you KeeKee=^Y^=
                            HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND FURENDS!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We are rating our new litterbox=^Y^=

This is our new Catit litter pan.  Mom's human son, Boomer, ordered it knowing he would be selected to clean our pans after Mom's surgery November 12th last year.  The total automatics are pricey and don't last long and are horrible to clean. Mom told Boomer that she watched the video and it look good but the regular cattit pans we use don't work for male cats that pee on the side walls because pee leaks out between the the hood and pan connection. Anyway, Boomer ordered it from Amazon for $84.00 plus free shipping.  It came fast, Mom set it up next to our broken Petmate XL automatic pan.  Of course we had to check out this new thing and though it was higher to get into it was bigger than the regular catit pan....we like the sky lite too. What we really like is, it is clean most of the time because Mom just pulls the lever and dumps the dirt to the bottom drawer so the sifted clean litter comes back in the pan when the lever goes back in the lock position. We rate it A+
        Here is Mom's rating.....B, why?
(Momz turn)   Toy likes to just jump in the pan which, popped the lever off the lock so the cradled pan moved. Toy liked it but that is not how it should be so I put scissors in front of where it came off of the lock. (not really a big deal)
The bag liner for the cradled pan is to thin and the Boyz nails tore it causing litter to get through. I now cut a heavy duty trash bag (black) to 11 inches high, wrap it around the cradled pan and use wide clear tape to help it stay in place. I tape the inside excess corners down with Tyvek tape (waterproof) and this lasts for 1 month with occasional wiping on the back and sides due to my 2 high pee'ers! I spray the newly lined pan and vents with the anti-stick spray so there is no clumps sticking in the corners or vents.
  Under the cradled pan is a wide funnel where the dirty litter goes but.....since two of the Boyz, (identity with held) pee on the wall of the pan lid a second problem occurred.  The pee would trickle down past the back of the drawer where it just lined up with the funnel, then (yuck) go down the back of the drawer to the bottom of the unit where it would go out the opening on the slide bar for the drawer that holds the dirty litter!! Do these designers even own a cat????  It is a great idea but not fully thought out or tested with male cats, that's for sure!!!
    Any who, I had to tape the long hole closed with Tyvek tape and put a piece of Tyvek tape on the funnel back bottom, (not attached to the drawer), to get the pee to go into the pan. WORKS!!! ...(light bulb!)The drawer pan should  flare our more to fix that problem.
     Sounds like a bit of work but after getting used to how I had to tweak it, no time at all. My laundry room is right off my kitchen so I look in on the pan an just pull the lever (handle) back and forth so the next Boy doesn't have to step into yuck and I don't have to scoop all day! Of all the pans out there, (and I have tried most) this is the best!! ;)

"Life is good,"Ty...(while Thomas is sleeping)=^Y^=

Monday, February 17, 2014

No more SNOW!!!

Don't even mention the word (((SNOW))) around here.......the humans are starting to use our kitty litter to get their cars out of the driveway! Their excuse is that the stores are sold out of salt!

Well, it did snow again AND the weather channel is saying tonight.........yup, snow again.....1 to 3inches, really........that's what they said about the last storm but it was more and added some ICE!!!

Of course, our woofie ICE is lovin' it and he even eats it! Mom keeps feeding the hungry birds......we are soooo looking forward to spring and getting out on out deck. Our Grammom is coming home for her birthday and the next day, if it goes good she will be coming back again to stay, pawz crossed. 
  Everyone, wish for (((SPRING)))!=^Y^=Thomas and theCSBoyz....and ICE

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thomas,"I really love our woofie ICE, especially when he eats!"
I sneak under his soft belly then try to get to his, didn't get anything this time, drats!!

Our human family is really getting SICK of all the snow! Two snow storms a week, REALLY!
Sheeeeeez! Enough already!!!!  Thomas and theBoyz

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spring Fever=^Y^=

Monday,  Mommy took this shot of our house, from our neighbor's house where she was watching their two girls. Mom's son Mike was shoveling the driveway and the lower right is a photo taken from our kitchen window.
 Wednesday's ICE storm, we lost our electric for most of the day so Dad set up the generator. Finally, before dark the electric came back.......YEAH!  Forecast, Saturday and Sunday.....((((more snow))))  NO WAY!!!
Thomas,   "Here is a rose for the first kitty who can find spring for us!!!!!"

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Mommy bought us this (y) tunnel and it is lots of fun! It keeps us busy while Mom and Dad are with Grammom. She is walking again and we are hoping she just might come back home soon. 
    Mom is healing well from her surgery on November 12th to lift her bladder. She was is pain before and now she is healing fine. 
    We miss all our furends and will be posting at least 2xs a week now, YEAH !!!!!!!! Huggs

Monday, September 9, 2013

 Today is my 9th  Birthday!  Saturday was Tang's 8th Birthday!!!!
Mom and Dad have been very busy helping helping our Grammom get adjusted to where she is now but Mom still wants her to be able to come home.  Mom is gonna take ICE in to visit Grammom soon......she is finally over what she thinks is an early flu and Dad is starting to feel a bit better too. 

Have a great week everyone!=^Y^=

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stayin' Cool......

 It's (((HOT))) outside so we are house bound in the AC!
 Ty, "I am catching up on my reading
 Thomas is snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!'
 Tang is just hanging around....get it, hanging...around..........................and
 Tinker is always grooming in sun puddles and...........
  ICE is playing as usual...............unless
 Thomas is sleeping in ICE's toy box."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thank you!

Teak, " THANK YOU for all your birthday wishes yesterday! I turned 5 and ICE turned 4 years old."
ICE, " I got a new poodle collar and matching leash and Teak got a share toy as all of us do on our Birthdays. We got a new flingString....Mom will try to get photos." 

Holly, "Finally this week I get to see the doctor that will do the procedure. It will be at a different hospital than my main doctor is associated with so my insurance has to OK it."

This has been one crappy year, actually it started last fall with the leaking of our oil tank and us finding out that the contract we had paid on our tank was discontinued a month after we paid over 300.00!  Our oil company pocketed our money.  We sued and got our contract money back but they took part of our prepaid oil money to pay for them helping(very little) to dry the oil up and take the oil out of the tank. We ended up buying 2 new tanks from a tank company we trusted where we used to live and they also installed them for almost the same price as the oil company was going to charge us to replace the same exact tank that only lasted us ten years!  Our new tanks have double bottoms, special coating and are numbered for a 25 year warranty.

They got away with not replacing the tank because of wording in the oil contract. after that we have reread our other contracts and do not like what we found in our home insurance company. It says that any property that they replace becomes their property! Scary! CHECK YOUR CONTRACTS and READ them word for word......believe what you are reading!!!!!!

This year started with my kitchen TV quitting, then the ice maker, the dishwasher door spring broke, then the printer...BTW, were you aware that your printer has a built in ink reservoir to catch the ink cleaned off the heads and when it is full your printer is finished, kaput! It's not bad enough how much ink we have to buy but now we must replace our printer in a little over a year(depending on how often you use it) oh, that's comforting...should we buy it for it's looks!!!! We bought a new ...older model Ebson with a trap door in the back, my son took out one end of the tube inside and placed it in a small plastic bottle so the ink gets collected in the bottle now. We also bought a continuous ink set-up so now we can print....print......drip....drip....print.....print...print!!!!!!

Now that we are in July, we hope the second half of the year will be better............Fingers & pawz crossed

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July effurry one!!!

Thomas says, "thanks for the Happy Gotcha's!"

We will be back again, our Mommy has to get her prolapsed bladder operated on so she can feel better. She sees the surgeon on the 18th after having tests done already.  If someone cancels,she will get in sooner. We have our pawz crossed=^Y^=

Thursday, June 6, 2013

No no

Tinker,  "Mom and Dad were shopping all yesterday.  They had to drop off stuff to the second hand stores, then of course mom had to see if she could find any treasures .  Mom bought a small, wheeled chair to use when she needs to go under the foyer area where she stores lots of the Christmas decorations.  The lower part is only 4 1/2 feet high, so she had to sit on the floor then be careful getting up, not to hit her head. Now she wheelies under there saving her head and back!
  They also went to a health food store, where they buy our food, CVS, BJs, Target, and Giant. While they were gone we had fun basking in the sun and finding (no no) stuff. never saw this, it never happened! "=^Y^=