Thursday, February 19, 2009

UNDER THE DOOR play turns....... there aren't zillions of mice running ..UNDER THE DOOR....the first furkid that wants to play must let the kitty who sent their mousie UNDER THE DOOR know they got it and they want to play.....that way they can let other kitties know their mousie was found.....then it goes to the finder...and so on....=^Y^=


The Creek Cats said...

Our foster bro and sis used to play this game under the door with us! It's lotsa fun, isn't it!!!

meemsnyc said...

Mousies are so much fun.

Country Cats said...

Yay thanks for your Mousie!

We will have to buy a mousie so we will have to post ours on Sunday or Monday to pass under the door. :) We did have some mousies but...:whispers: Rosie tears up all our toys with her vishus claws. Me and my brother have soft paws.