Friday, March 27, 2009

Catz Eyez!

Mommy loves my green eyes, she loves to capture them in the light. What does your Mommy love about your eyes?=^Y^=


Baby Patches Confessions of the Plume said...

You has purrty green eyes! My momma loves my almond shaped gold eyes with green sparkles eyes. And how my eyes can give so many facial expressions!

PinkynAsh said...

You have such purrty eyes. Mamma loves mine because they are big and different looking she says. She loves Ash's because they seem to make him still look like a little kitten.


Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Our mommy loves that both of us have multiple shades within our eyes.

Yours are beautiful!!

Abby & Stygia

C said...

Your eyes are so very purrty pretty!!
Mom says she loves my eyes because they look like I have eye liner.

Country Cats said...

Hello Stinker Tinker. Just kidding! We are sure you don't stink. You do have pretty green eyes.

Mom loves Kaleb's green eyes, too. She loves how BIG and WIDE Teal'c's are. And she loves mine because I'm her baby girl and she can't resist me!


P.S. Hi toy. xo

Anonymous said...

Tinker, your blog is all about you today! Wowie! Tinker, Tinker everywhere! How did you pull that off? Because somebuddy whose name rhymes with Grandalf seems to always hog our blog.


The Island Cats said...

Ernie: My mom loves my gold eyes...she sez they're the purrfect compliment to my black furs.

Wally: My mom loves my gold eyes too! She sez they match my furs!

Zoey: The lady with the yellow hair tells me that my green eyes are so purrty!

Daisy said...

Your eyes are a wonderful shade of green! My Mommie likes that my eyes make so many different expressions: sometimes wide and innocent, sometimes squinty and crabilated!

Cliff and Olivia said...

The first pic is awesome. What a beauty.

Eric and Flynn said...

You have lovely eyes.
Mum says that for a big laid back boy, I have kind eyes which nearly always look wide awake.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those *are* such lovely eyes. Your Mommy knows how to make you look your best.

Elin! said...

Your eyes is lovely!

My mak said, my eyes looks sinless, means, innocent~