Saturday, February 21, 2009

Academy Award Entry, "Talula Torby"

This is a short, (below), from the story of Miss Talula Torby.

She was a beautiful dance hall purformer. While a mewsician played in the background, Talula would twirl and sway upon a table melting many a tom cats heart. Set back in the corner, watching with adoring eyes was Toy, a mere Street Cat. He was mesmerized by her graceful moves, gorgeous silky hair and her sapphire eyes. Unexpectedly, Talula glanced in Toys direction. His large expressive eyes met hers........a magical moment only to be broken by a fleeting tail belonging to Tyco, known by many as the town scoundrel. He seated himself front and center to Toys discomfort. Talula seemed uneasy by this dark turn of events too. It was apparent Tyco had a thing for Talula. She however, had heard tales of his shady past and wanted nothing to do with him. As the evening purgressed, it was obvious Tyco was hittin' the niptini quite heavily, becoming loud and obnoxious. Would Toy now be faced with a difficult situation??? Was Toy jussssst a mere Street Cat??? Dum.dum......da..dum!!!!!!!!!!Please turn up your volume for the short below, The management thanks you! {{Giggle}}=^Y^=


Fin said...

This is great! I see a little gold man in your future! Is the movie part of the entry, cause it looked like two different posts?

I think it could win as Best Non-Action Feature.

The Island Cats said...

Oh is there a fight brewing between Toy and Tyco??? That Talula is such a tease!

Country Cats said...

How exciting!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

We can see why any ladycat would be mesmerized by Toy's eyes! A true romance movie!

milocat said...

Concatulations on winning an Acatemy Award!

We won one too!