Saturday, April 26, 2008

Expurrrrimenting again!

Mommy picked up a new litter for us to try. We are up to 3/4's P-Pod & 1/4 best cat litter. Both are flushable but this new litter is airer so it doesn't stick to the bottom that the rake can't get it up. Mommy likes the mild minty smell and that it goes lots further than the other. We have a sticky pad off the pan and it grabs the new litter off our feet....mommies smiling 'bout that!


Cat-a-holic, Lilly and Laila said...

Where did you Mommie get the beautiful kitty light?!

Cat Street Boyz said...

Mommy goes to the second hand Mennonite shops near us. They have a furniture shop, clothes shop, a shop with books, kids toys, quilts, dishes, nick nacks, well, just everything else that the other shops don't carry. On half price day, mommy came home with a car load of STUFF and that stained glass bobble head kitty was one, plus an all wood shelving unit for grammom's room & her many books. That was strapped to the roof of the SUV! Tang